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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Debunked: "Black-Eyed Children"

Much has been written on the myth of the "black-eyed children"- a favorite topic among paranormal researchers and ghost story aficionados.  According to legend, these creepy-looking kiddies with large coal-colored eyes pop up at night, tapping on windows and scaring the bejeezus out of the people who encounter them.

In most accounts, these black-eyed children seek permission to enter your home or car, asking to use a phone or for some other favor.  In practically every case, these mysterious individuals appear at night.  Witnesses claim that one look into their black eyes invokes a strong feeling of horror, and sightings of these creepy kiddies have been reported in virtually every corner of the globe.

Some paranormal researchers, such as David Weatherly (who has recently published a book on this very topic), believe that "black-eyed children" are demonic in origin.  Others believe that these children are alien in origin.  Still others insist that they are inter-dimensional beings, trapped on the wrong plane of existence.

Even skeptics have a difficult time finding a reasonable explanation.  The most popular skeptical viewpoint maintains that these children are part of some goofy cult, whose members use black-colored contact lenses to scare the daylights out of unsuspecting adults.  While practical jokes may account for several sightings, this theory doesn't seem to explain why some of the "black-eyed children" appear to be no older than five or six years old.

We, at Journal of the Bizarre, believe that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation behind the mystery of the "black-eyed children".  In fact, the explanation is so ludicrously simple that it's amazing how this "myth" continues to spread- befuddling scores of so-called paranormal "researchers" along the way.

The explanation is a perfectly-normal pupillary response known as mydriasis.

In dark conditions, the human pupil (the black part of the eye) dilates, thanks to the iris dilator muscle.  This expansion of the pupil allows more light to enter the eye- an evolutionary adaptation which allowed our cavemen forebears to see better in the dark.  Quite simply, the darker the environment, the more the pupil expands.
A demon?  No, just someone with a dilated pupil.

This explains why 99.9% of sightings occur at night and, more particularly, on extremely dark moonless nights, most often in rural areas.  If you want to see this perfectly natural pupillary response in action, all you have to do is sit in a completely dark room for an hour or two, stand in front of a mirror, and then quickly look at your eyes in a mirror after you flick on the lights.  You might be surprised to discover that you are one of the "black-eyed children"!

No aliens here, just more mydriasis.

But why do these "black-eyed children" disappear so suddenly if you refuse to let them enter your home?  And why do they want to enter your home in the first place?  And why are they children, and not adults?

All of these questions have simple answers as well.

If you were a child who has been outside in a pitch-black rural area for an hour or two, wouldn't you attempt to use someone's telephone if you were lost?  And if you were a child who knocked on the window of a car or a house at night and was greeted by a blood-curdling shriek from a person who believes they just saw a demon, we're pretty sure you'd disappear in a hurry.

But why are these entities always children? The reason for this is that, as we age, our pupil's reaction to light and darkness slows down.  The pupils of a  40-year-old man will not expand or contract as much as a child's, and an adult would have to spend a much, much longer period of time in total darkness for mydriasis to occur.

Mydriasis again.

Other cases of "black-eyed children"-especially when the mysterious beings are teenagers- may be linked to drug use, since mydriasis is a side effect of numerous prescription and recreational drugs.

Mydriasis is a common side effect of drugs which increase serotonin levels.  Not surprisingly, these drugs are popular among teenagers.  They include LSD, DMT (dimethyltryptamine), mescaline, and psilocybin (the "magic" in magic mushrooms). 

Ecstasy (MDMA) is also known to cause mydriasis, along with cocaine, amphetamines, fenfluramine, "bath salts", several types of antidepressants, and even caffeine. Atropine and scopolamine, both found in jimson weed, can also cause mydriasis.

Doesn't it seem suspicious that the increase in reported sightings of "black-eyed children" goes hand-in-hand with the increase in popularity of drugs like Ecstasy and "bath salts"?

In other words, if a black-eyed teenager seeks to enter your home at night and is acting rather strange, you probably don't have an inter-dimensional space alien on your hands- just a punk who's hopped up on Ecstasy and Red Bull.  But, hey, don't take our word for it.  If you'd rather plunk down 25 bucks on a book written by a so-called "researcher" who claims that black-eyed children are demons, then hooray for you.  If that's the case, perhaps you'd like to buy a ticket to see the embalmed Sasquatch we have in our garage. 





  1. You clearly over looked a couple of details. Mainly being the eyes. In all the stories I have read so far the eyes where completely black including the sclera.
    Also their behaviour, some ask for a phone, but not all. Some just give strange reason for wanting to go inside the house and non of the stories mention that the children seem to be distressed. Doesn't that seem strange? That young children out at night aren't scared.

    Just saying you need to make a better argument

  2. Watch out for the "brown eyed children", too. They tend to have a "sh-t eating grin", and appear to be very cycloptic. These brown eyed cyclopeans seem to ask for things such as, toilet paper, use of a bathroom or toilet, or pepto. Do not approach them, and certainly don't touch them. When they appear, there tends to be a foul, stinky smell in the air.

  3. We are aware of the claims that the eyes of some of the children were "completely black", but we can't give much credibility to this claim, since many of these reports have come from people who were looking out a window at night and only caught a fleeting glimpse of the children.

    Most lawyers will even admit that eyewitness accounts are often faulty. The only way we'd give any credibility to this "detail" would be if a witness saw the completely black eyes in broad daylight, and for more than just a brief moment. If an argument isn't strong enough to stand up in a court of law, it probably won't stand up in a Journal of the Bizarre investigation.

    However, if any such evidence exists, we sincerely hope that you'll pass it on to us so that we can look into the matter further. Thanks for the comment, and thanks for reading!

  4. Yeah, I hear that crackpot Weatherly every so often on the radio. Tell me, do the black eyed children get their peculiar affliction from eating black eyed peas? And what of black eyed Susan?

    1. Also, how does this tie in with Lazy Susan?

  5. Does mydriasis explain why these children want so badly to be let inside of people's homes. If a druggie wanted to get into one's home I'd hazard a guess that they would simply break in or at least try to break in before even considering knocking on a victims door. I'm not claiming to be a believer or even a non-believer but if you are going to debunk something I want it to be thorough in the same manner that you would be if you were trying to convince me that unicorns exist. Therefore I still think there is a possibility that these may still lie within the ranks of the unexplained.

    I also agree with Lithlia, that the eyewitness accounts always say that the sclera, along with the iris, is completely black. Even in the dark of night you can see the whites of a persons eyes.

    I think you were exceptionally lazy with this myth or truth or whatever it is. You gave only one half-hearted explanation and decided that was the end of it.

  6. I was born with black eyes. All black. And blind. Insane ESP too. When I was three I learned to hide them. And my blindness. And yes the sun hurts a lot. Love the night. Now im 35. Been hiding who I am the whole time. And I've never met another like me. Feel like the only black man in a all white town, that has to paint himself white just to make it threw the day. O yes computers, WiFi, radios and other electronic stuff tends to mess up around me. To other black eyes try to hide them save them for who matters.
    Signed Black eyes in hiding
    I'm at blackeyesinhidding@yahoo.com

    1. if computers tend to mess u around you....how did you write this comment?

    2. Keep trying till you get it. I have smashed a few though. New ones work better. I am a black eyes. But you sound like a person who I would keep it from.

    3. what type of job do u have n do ur parents know n have talk to them about it?

    4. I work with blind people. Yes my mom and dad know.


  8. This is one of the least convincing hoaxes to come down the pike. Some day some kids are gonna pretend to be like these black eyed children, and somebody's gonna shoot them and kill them. Then it won't be so spooky or funny anymore.

  9. If you are the kind of person who is open and can handel it. You might meet a strong one like me, instead of these pore abanded children.

    1. The one thing you might think about, I know when I was born. The Dr couldn’t tell people about me with out written permission. Its called doctor-patient confidentiality.

  10. Black eyes is my friend. He really is a black eyes. Just not like what they talk about. He's a good person. He teaches blind people. He's the kind of person you would want around if something went down. Most of the time his eyes are normal. When he's wore out and his eyes turn black he wares dark sun glasses. Yes he's blind but I woulden consider him blind. You can ask him what ever you want. He's at blackeyesinhidding@yahoo.com

  11. Thanks for the comment. Black Eyes has left several comments on our posts, and he does seem like a genuinely kind individual. We at JOTB do not doubt that some black-eyed individuals exist, but we continue to stand by our assertion that these individuals are not "demonic", extraterrestrial, or supernatural in origin. If Black Eyes is ever interested in sharing his story, we would be happy to share it with our readers.

    1. It was junior year in high school. He had moved from his moms house to his dads. His favorite class in school was auto mechanics. One day after finishing working on a car. He went in to the classroom to relax. He parked it with the other guys, and talked small talk. The bell rang and they got up to leave. One of the guys brushed his arm, a look of shock crossed his face. He sat back down in his chair. "He's going to die." He said to himself. "But how?" Then he jumped in his chair.
      For the next few days people seen him staring in to space then jumping up and saying. "Dam it!" Then one day, sitting in class. He's grinding his teeth and gripping the ends of his desk. Almost to the point of shaking. When one of the student's looked over to him and says "O my god. What is up with your eyes? There black." Realizing what just happened, he puts his hands over his eyes. Rubbing then he says "Nothing" Pulling himself together he puts his hands down. He looks over at the student and says "see" The student takes a long look. "Well there fine now."
      He finally reaches a point."I'm just going to tell him." He tells him self. So he waited for the right time. It was right at the end of class. He walked up to the guy. "Hay bud" he said "Do me a favor. If your driving late at night, make sure you are careful. OK." The guy looked at him like he was hi. And said. "Sure. I'll be careful." He turned to himself and says "there the best I can do." He does the best he can to get it out of his mind. After a wile he does.
      The years go by. One day he goes to visit his dad. His sister walked up to him. And reminds him about a kid he was a friend with I high school. "Ya, I remember him." "Well, I just found out. He was driving home from work. He had been working late a lot. Well he fell asleep at the wheel." She rubes his shoulder and tells him she's sorry.
      Later on his way home he tells himself that he did everything he could do.
      Just a short glimpse into the life of Black eyes in hiding

  12. You know what bothers me is when someone makes a statement about something a little different than our everyday lives and someone else comes back and try to prove them wrong. I don't know anything about these black eye kids but it sounds very evil. Have you guys ever heard of demons?? If not there are many cases of people seeing demon like creatures. If you believe in some type of religion there is some type of story about bad creatures or demons. What if these kids our some other race not from this earth. Have you guys ever looked at our galaxy? Earth looks like a grain of dirt. It would be a better educated guess to say there is or maybe life on other planets than say it not. I am just saying people need to start opening their mind a little and quit being so closed minded. I am not saying that all reports or true but I really don't think everybody is telling a lie. By the way your description of these black eyes kids does not match do neither of your points or pictures that you are trying to make.

  13. That's a bit strange, the children are supposed to have FULLY black eyes, not just their iris.

  14. We at JOTB have tested that claim by simulating the most common BEK encounter scenario. We placed a person on a dark front porch on a dark night, while another person was placed inside an illuminated living room. This person, when peering out the window and into the eyes of the person outside, could NOT distinguish between the whites of our model's eyes and the pupil. In other words, the whites of anyone's eyes would be hard to see in these simulated conditions. The whites could only be seen when the INTERIOR of the room was dark, and the porchlight outside was turned on.

    The bottom line is that the witnesses who claim to have seen entirely black eyes in these circumstances are either: A) mistaken B) experiencing an optical illusion C) lying, or D) drunk.

    It boggles the mind that so many people choose to believe the most outrageous explanations (aliens, demons, etc) over the explanations which are most logical.

  15. I had an experience last fall with the black eyed kids.The entire eye is black, not just the pupil. The kids skin is white,like a fishes skin, no scales, just an ugly white. I was set to run as soon as i saw them but fought the urge. Instead i talked to them. Their answers were odd and misleading. By the time i had finally closed the door i was scared shitless! I ran inside and grabbed a machete and went back outside. THEY WERE GONE. Vanished! That same night i heard one of those loud BOOMS almost directly over my house,that have been reported worldwide. This is real people. Its real and I never felt such a sense of foreboding in my life as i did the day the black eyed kids k nocked on my door. If you have one knock, DONT LET THEM IN!!!!

  16. Is anyone aware of a story about a person who actually DID invite a BEK into their home? What happened? I've read hundreds of stories, but havent come across any description of what a BEK will do if you actually do invite them in.

  17. Also dose not explain the fear and feeling of dying they feel when seeing their eyes esspicially the military man that came across 2 at night got into full defense mode he felt like he was going to be attacked over 2 children. And closed the door locked it not letting them in don't you think some children showing up with the black eyes at millitary barracks at night is strange. Yes. Yes it is.

  18. I read about a storie that someone let them in and it was not good the guy posted the storie about it and the site it was on got took down for some odd reason

  19. not to mention one guy who had encounter said they knocked
    on his door,an wanted in he refused,and they still were knocking after he closed door very loudly,and then his windows shook,and they went away..strange

  20. yeah i never even seen where anyone ever let them in,and maybe because they are not no longer around.
    maybe they went into missing persons. I am very open mined seen strange things that I cannot explain..one time while out about doing a little paranormal research while boyfriend at the time was
    fishing in augustine beach located in port penn Delaware. one of the strangest encounters i have ever had among few others in life which is why i started getting into the paranormal an plus the fact that as a child i grew up with what my family called tokens of death from both my dad and moms side.sometimes they did not all die after one but some near death but just surrounded family and close friends. infact still trying to figure out what i saw in augustine beach after 3 years So nothing can surprize me after that.we have a lot of cracks in the earth thin layers etc.. maybe one of the reasons people are seeing things unexplanable. when someone feels something isn't right or does not feel right in a strange way then most time ur right kind of like ur gut feeling. there is a reason u feel this way no matter what it concerns. I must say kids with black eyes asking to let them in! pretty scary stuff hope i never encounter this.creepy

  21. After my encounter with the black eyed kids id learned that yes, they are telepathic. As I listened to one of them try to get me to let them into my home, i was thinking ''JESUS, whats going on here"? And the one talking to me suddenly changed the conversation , looked at me and said, You know he isn't real don't you?
    I am also convinced that the loud booming noises heard globally are connected to the appearance of these beings, possibly entering our dimension from their own. They will try to get very near to you and touch you, do NOT allow this to happen as I believe they are trying to infect you with a nephilim virus,or dna that will change you into one of them.OR WORSE, abduct you into their dimension.Which is what I believe happens to those who have allowed them into their homes and explains why there are no stories regarding what happens when you let them inside. BE VERY ALERT AND AWARE OF WHO YOU TALK TO - if you meet them you will live in fear for a very long time wondering why you were chosen. I pray you never experience this for yourselves!

  22. The experience I had with the Black eyed kids left me with this thought....a warning. Allowed to happen by God. I believe I was taken to a place of torture. Another dimension, or reality. It was 100% real. I was tortured, alone, in the presence of Demons and the beings that masquerade as BEKs and felt completely helpless and cut off from God Almighty forever. As I lay chained in that place one being took a black worm, and forced it down my throat and told me it would slowly eat me from the inside for a thousand years. I blacked out and awoke back in my home and my own reality, where i sat horrified-afraid to me, or to blink for fear that it was a dream and i was still in the other place. Then I felt myself choking, and slowly coughed up a long slender black mass.
    The Worm. It fell to the floor and I gagged looking at it. Then it was gone. Faded back into its own reality i imagine where the worm does not die.
    I take this all as a warning. We are at the last days my friends. Prepare yourself because whats coming will be more terrifying then anything you or I could have imagined. I am not making any of this up. It happened. And I am frantically seeking God. The Anti_Christ walks among us. The stage is being set, and at any given moment the veil will drop between our reality and that i was a prisoner in.
    THIS SHIT IS REAL!!!!!!!!!

    - FIND GOD!!!!!

  23. Where's Sam and Dean when you need them?

  24. I was abducted by a gang of clown turtles that wanted nothing more than to tickle the soles of my feet. They took me into a bush where it turned out was not a bush at all but a secret underground bunker. When we finally made our way to the bottom of the bunker I looked around and noticed we were in a large kitchen. Needless to say I was quiet scared.

    Suddenly loud bullhorns sounded from another room and a group of about twenty five "Black-Eyed Children" came out and introduced themselves as the leader of the of all extraterrestrial beings.

    After a few minutes of ritual dancing, they led me to the stove top and demanded I teach them the art making a scrambled egg. A rarity where they come from.

    I whipped up a few omelets and they ate to their hearts content.

    I now live with them.

    But seriously, does anybody believe this crap? I don't understand how regular functioning adults can go through life believing in this stuff.


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